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– Sourced from the best Canadian Angus Beef cattle, our Beef delivers the highest quality and taste experience at a competitive price. Our cattle are carefully selected by us to ensure you receive only the highest quality Angus beef. All Cattle selected are guaranteed to meet the country of destination import requirements.

– Working with Western Canada’s leading Federally Approved Plants, we offer our customers a personalized order delivery experience.

– We offer our customers a “farm to door” experience with all required document’s/testing approvals to ensure efficient customs clearance.

Why Alberta Beef?

Alberta’s Beef Advantage

Wide open spaces for cattle to graze; an environment conducive to
grazing herds since time began.
Fresh air, clean water and fertile soil High latitude summers with long days of sunlight for growing
nutritious grass and grains and just the right amount of precipitation. Cooler climes (even in summer)
that are like a natural meat locker: much less stressful on cows than any hot-weather ranch land and
Cold winters that are ideal for the very best genetics for breeding cattle.

A heritage of hardworking ranching and farming families that is part of our nations culture.
A caring and effective government capable of ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety.

Alberta Beef

Our Angus Beef Attributes:

– Alberta raised Angus Breed
– Youthful (under 30 months of age)
– Grading is guaranteed AA or Higher
– Firm meat texture and good to excellent muscling for desirable mouth feel
– Bright white fat trimmed to an average ¼” and bright red meat colour
– Cattle are Grain Finished to deliver the absolute best flavour, tender and juicy beef
– Ractopamine Free production protocols as per request
– Beef is sold Boneless and Frozen
– Beef is aged under strict controls for at least 10 days from harvest to ensure the maximum tenderness

– Certified Halal by ISNA if requested
– Inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency located at the plant
– All products are cut to National Association of Meat Processors specifications (NAMP)
– Full trace-ability through the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency
– All required Export Documents are provided for seamless import into your country
– The assurance that our ranchers, feedlots and processors follow the most stringent guidelines to ensure
your product quality and safety

Alberta Beef


– All of our cattle are harvested and processed at Federally Approved facilities in Western Canada.
— We can arrange all of your shipping needs for your orders ex Vancouver, BC.